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I was at the pool today and it was so wonderful not to worry if I shaved my bikini line. My underarms were so smooth, not even a shadow. My legs are also stubble-free and it has cut my time in the shower in half. I keep asking myself why I waited so long to do this. Jen makes you feel comfortable and is extremely professional. I suggest you make an appointment with Jen and it will make your summer!
- Allison

Jen is amazing. She makes you feel so comfortable and she is fantastic at her work. I LOVE Smooth!!!
- Deb

Great Site!
- Kristal

I am so glad that I took the recommendation to come here. This truly has made my life much easier. From start to finish this has been a wonderful experience. Thanks so much and I will see you soon for my next appointment. Can't wait!!!!
- Leah

I am so happy with the results of having my underarms and facial hair lasered! So quick, painless and smooth after a few easy treatments. The shop is beautiful and clean and staff are so nice! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to be hair free!
- Doreen

My shower time is cut in half! What took me so long to do this! Jen made me feel COMPLETELY comfortable. The place is cleam and welcoming. A+
- Kim

Can't believe I waited this long! I can't wait to do my whole body! Thanks Jen, you're the best!!
- Jackie

"Smooth" is the way to go!! Once you go once, you'll wonder why you didn't do this years ago. It is extremely liberating to not have to worry about the hair on your body. Jen is so professional and makes you feel so comfortable. Once you do it, you'll be telling all your friends to do it to. You'll want everyone to have the same freeing experience your having. Call Jen and she'll walk you through it!!
- Kelly

Jen has changed my life. How freeing it is to not have to worry about shaving or make appointments for waxing. I didn't realize how much time I had dedicated to keeping myself "hairless" until I didn't have to anymore. It's truly life changing! Her shop is so beautifully decorated and her professional demeanor makes you feel so comfortable during your treatment session. It's a little oasis producing incredible results! I recommend her to all my friends.
- Gina

My favorite so far is the underarms-no five oclock shadow :) The conversation is not bad either :)
- Meredith

Best money ever spent! So glad I finally did it! Jen you are awesome!!!
- Darlene

Lifechanging! I never have to shave my legs again! Thanks, Jen!
- Denise